Callan's Kicks Returns Autumn 2019

Callan's Kicks is on its Summer hiatus after season 13 wrapped up in May. This Spring was our most successful season ever, with over one million podcast listens across the 12 episodes plus the ‘best of’ season special.

Oliver Callan's political comedy show returns Fridays at 6:30pm from October to Christmas. Our cast of characters is likely to be different, as at home Simon Coveney grows in confidence while abroad we meet Theresa May’s successor in Downing Street and focus on the frontrunners for the Democratic nomination to face Trump in 2020.

Covering every shock, surprise and calamity in our world today, listen out as Ireland’s number one satire show returns for season 14, celebrating six years on RTÉ Radio One.

Callan's Kicks, Fridays at 6:30pm and each week on podcast on the RTÉ Radio Player, iTunes, Spotify, Acast and other platforms. Follow Oliver on Twitter @olivercallan or Instagram @theolivercallan for more updates.